Supply and installation air conditioners

Supply and installation work of air conditioners: Supply and installation of cooling air conditioners of all kinds. Supply and installation of FCU units. Supply and installation of coolers and packaged units and rolls for Chiller air conditioners A.H.U. Supply and installation of a water Chiller heat exchanger or a piping systems.

Copper Pipe

We extend and insulate copper pipes for new buildings in all different ways in proportion to the nature and designs of the buildings. We make sure to maintain air conditioning energy by using the best international copper pipes.


Our institution carries out the maintenance of air conditioners of all types and sizes. Maintenance includes cleaning and filing Freon and providing spare parts of all kinds.

Duct work

We manufacture all types and shapes of ducts with quality and professionalism, and we install and insulate them accurately through a team of specialists. We offer duct maintenance and extension services, repair of defects, cleaning and suction of dust and the accumulated dust in it.

Dismantling and installation work

We dismantle and install all kinds of air conditioners. We install all kinds of different cooling systems. We make sure to choose the right place for air conditioning to maintain productive capacity.

Heat exchangers and air condensers

We supply, install and maintain heat exchangers and air condensers of all types and sizes.